2016 Victoria Fall Cycling Vacation!

4 days riding some of Canada's best cycling. 


Oct 5th (evening) - 9th (evening) 2016


This will be 4 nights and 4 complete days of riding, eating, sleeping, and relaxing.

Fly in after work on October 5th and fly out in early evening October 9th.

To secure your spot a $500 deposit is required. The rate quoted (near the bottom of the page) is based on 'double occupancy'. Place your deposit here:


Here is what I am proud to have developed: 

The feel:

The vacation will be filled with activity, and will be fully supported. Aimed at athletes / enthusiasts who are intent on enjoying their hobby with likeminded people. There will be plenty of time to relax, however, we will be offering a lot of options if you want to take advantage of every second you aren't working in an office! I will be offering the vacation as a hotel and meal inclusive event, with all breakfasts and dinners provided to ensure the group of athletes can socialize off the 'playing field'. I will provide a constructive, challenging, and motivating environment that will have you leaving excited and invigorated about your sport. A tired smile is what I am after!

Over the last 6 years, I have hosted many extremely well supported, organized,  'niche' cycling vacations.  The Doctrine ride guides are experienced, safe, motivating, and adaptable.  Vacationers will be treated with options at the beginning and throughout each day and will be able to go as 'hardcore' or 'mediumcore' as they would like. 

The Location:

Bear Mountain Westin is located just a few kilometers from Millstream Road, which is a gateway to Victoria's many undulating roads.  Bear Mountain Westin is a newly renovated resort perched directly beside Mount Finlayson and Goldstream National Park and inside a world-class mountain biking network and golf course. The location is quite spectacular and the facilities are amazing. We'll make sure to end several of our rides right in downtown Victoria (accessible on cycling specific paved pathways!) so we can enjoy the Harbour's ambience, food, and energy. 

The Flights:

Here are the flights I recommend. I will pick you up from the airport and transfer you directly to the Bear Mountain Westin Resort for you to check in and enjoy the restaurant and location. 

Departing flight

Westjet Flight: WS227  Departure: Calgary
Wed Oct 05, 2016, 5:15 PM
Arrival: VictoriaWed Oct 05, 2016, 5:45 PM

Returning flight

Westjet Flight: WS524  Departure: Victoria
Sun Oct 09, 2016, 6:30 PM
Arrival: CalgarySun Oct 09, 2016, 8:51 PM


The coaching:

First and foremost it will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in your sport and take a leap forward in your knowledge and experience. It will be fully coached, with group instruction as well as one-on-one coaching. The camp will be tailored to the individual wants and training needs of the athletes that register. You will be challenged, taught, motivated, guided, and satisfied!

The ease:

I will be driving my Doctrine Van and enclosed Bike Trailer down to enable full support for your cycling. I would be pleased to transport your bike down and back to Calgary with me so you don't have to even worry about transporting it on the plane.

Once you have registered for the vacation, make your travel arrangements. We will pick you up from the Victoria airport Wednesday evening or early morning Thursday. Check in time is after 2pm Wednesday if you are driving, so you could ride and explore the region at that time if you are keen.

The experience:

Take advantage of our knowledge of the area and our ability to choose the terrain to suit. Four great routes will be planned. Rides can be adapted if an athlete requires a specific training stimulus.  

The support:

This is an aspect of my vacations I have become well known for. You will be fully supported on your rides by a great guide/rider ratio as well as a van and trailer in case you would like to be popped to the top of an incline or would like to finish your ride a little early.

The training:

You can expect to be kept busy during the day with lengthy rides between 2 - 5 hours (depending on your goals/desires). For the more 'hardcore' cyclists, opportunities will exist to explore more of the phenomenal terrain. 

The balance:

I will ensure the rides are not so long as to disrupt the balance of cycling with enjoyment of your experience, the food, the wine, the resort, and the company.

The summary:

The price will be inclusive of professional coaching, guiding, structured training sessions (if desired), ride support, hotels, breakfasts, dinners, limited wine, transportation to and from Victoria airport, on-the-bike nutrition, and is based on double occupancy. In addition; spectacular views of Victoria and surrounding lakes are included. Lunches will be the responsibility of the vacationer as well as any midnight snacks you devour.   

The registration:

The price will be $1795 + GST per vacationer based on double occupancy. Contact me for single occupancy options. A deposit of $500 will be due upon notifying Trev you are 'in', with the total due by the end of September 2016.

Place your deposit here:


A few more details:

Even though we will work with the weather provided, and may shuffle some sessions around, I would like to get in as many 'cycling monuments' of the Victoria area as possible. For the pure experienced cyclist, extended versions of each ride will be available.