Victoria 'Cycling for Life' Vacation

Hosted by Marie Michalski and Trev Williams 

Sept 27 - 30 2017




Introducing a Cycling Vacation with an Active Education Twist! Based out of the family-friendly and optimally positioned Bear Mountain Westin Resort, you will be treated to 3 days of active, fun, functional conditioning and learning with Pilates Instructor Trainer and Doctrine Coach Marie Michalski, and 4 days of exploring Victoria's excellent cycling with Calgary's own professional masters cycling coach Trev Williams and his experienced ride guides. We are limiting the vacation registration to 7 participants!


Vacation Objectives:

Take time to invest in your personal wellness to create longevity and success in your sport.  Marie will guide you through 3 mornings of practical, applicable learning via lecture/workout sessions.


Come prepared to learn about your mechanics of movement and training, while deepening your knowledge about how to train smarter (and sometimes harder).


Marie uses the principles of pilates, sports conditioning, and efficient body mechanics to wrap appropriate exercises around cycling and posture.


Be prepared to move!  You will learn how to activate and challenge muscles you may have never thought of before and you will learn how to effectively lengthen those overused and overactive ones!


Everyone has individual needs, therefore there is a very tight cap on this vacation so that individual attention and feedback can be provided to each person attending.  The end result is that you will come away armed with the knowledge and exercises that are specific to YOU. 



This vacation welcomes cycling enthusiasts of ANY ABILITY!

With 3 riding guides/groups, you will not be 'slowing anyone down'. Just come and have fun!



This vacation has been planned by Trev Williams, Professional Cycling Coach and owner of The Doctrine Training Ltd. and Marie Michalski, Pilates Instructor Trainer and owner of Trifecta Training Ltd.



Vacation Format / Feel:

•  The idea of Marie's component of the vacation is to participate in two 1-hour active classes a day where vacationers learn a lot about how to build and maintain their bodies to enjoy their road cycling hobby well in to the future.

•  The active learning classes are meant to be fun, educational, and interactive. Marie and Trev are fielding questions every day from interested cycling enthusiasts on how to maintain proper muscle balance, avoid chronic nagging injuries, and how to know if a personal trainer is helping or hindering their progression. Marie will address all these topics and more while guiding vacationers through active classes before heading out for a ride mid-morning.

•  Informal talks were given last year by Trev Williams off the bike around an open-pit fire on the unbelievable patio of the Marriott, this year it will be at the Westin, there is still an open pit fire and a beautiful patio! These were very interactive and required every participant to have a beer or wine in their hand! Trev's talks focused on how to fit quality training / exercise into a busy lifestyle including family, work, and social obligations. The talks also included exercise nutrition, as well as cycling education. These talks were purely optional but well attended and led to some great discussion. 


For vactioners flying out of Calgary, the Flight Itinerary below is the recommended travel times. I have booked two big vans and two trailers to shuttle the vacation registrants from the Airport straight to the resort and back! This service will be $100 if you choose to use it. The Shuttles will be LEAVING Victoria airport on Sept 26th at 6:30pm and heading directly to the Westin. The Shuttles will be ARRIVING at the Victoria airport on Oct 1st at 8:15am. So if you are using an alternative flight than the one outlined below, and you would like to use the shuttles, then please schedule your flight accordingly. 

Calgary (YYC)
Tue Sept 26 2017, 5:15 PM
Victoria (YYJ)
Tue Sept 26 2017, 5:45 PM
WS 227
Fare type: Econo
Victoria (YYJ)
Sun Oct 01 2017, 9:24 AM
Calgary (YYC)
Sun Oct 01 201711:45 AM
WS 220
Fare type: Flex


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Cycling Overview:

The experienced cycling team from “The Doctrine Training” will ensure the rides are some of the best that Victoria has to offer and the participants will benefit from guiding and coaching on the road as well as off the bike. The support vehicles will ensure any ability and experience level is welcome and taken care of!



Sept 26th Register and relax on the patio with drinks and appies. The Westin is only 35 minutes from the Airport! Rental bike fitting and bike building will be done this evening if required so no time is wasted tomorrow! Trev will help you out here while chatting about the coming days. If you transport your bike down (like most did last year), there will be a large room available to assemble your bike at your leisure. Trev will be there as well to help!

Sept 27th through to Sept 29th Breakfast served with morning sessions with guided cycling throughout the day. For registered vacation participants, breakfast will be included in the morning. For dinner, vacation participants will then be free to enjoy their choice of the several different restaurants at the resort (not included with registration fee), possibly with their partner! 

Sept 30th The climax.  A full day out on a classic Victoria bike ride. Cyclists will have multiple options in terms of length, but we have all day and a lot of great terrain! In the evening we gather to toast our success and enjoy a well earned post-ride and vacation meal!

Oct 1st Depart for home.


What’s included in the package for $975 (+ GST)*:

• Welcome drink and hors d'oeuvres at the resort's lounge.
• Three days of active learning with Marie
• Four guided, coached, and fully supported rides in some of the best road riding in Victoria.
• Nutrition while riding.
• Breakfast every day.
• Support vehicles and assistance during rides. Bus transportation to cool locations. Bike transportation to ride start and from the finish.
• Guiding and cycling coaching from one of Calgary’s top cycling coaches.
• Nutrition and training advice for endurance events like Gran Fondos, other cycling vacations, or Charity Rides.
• Wrap up evening meal at a cool restaurant chosen by Trev, located downtown.

•  An extremely small cycling group. This will ensure very high quality control!
•  Opportunity to stay at the Bear Mountain Resort for $169 a night (plus $22 a night resort fee) if you book before August 26th 2017! This is drastically reduced from the $229 regular rate.**

* Registrants will be responsible for two lunches, and for suppers except on Sept 30th when they will be treated to an exceptional meal at a downtown Victoria restaurant I will pick soon!

** The resort rate of $169 + $22 a night excludes local taxes and is valid only you book before August 26th 2017.


Average Temperature of Victoria in Sept ranges from a low of 10 in the night to a high of 21 degrees Celcius.  We chose this time of year as the weather is usually perfect for riding throughout the day. Do be prepared for a bit of cold. My philosophy is, 'If you don't pack cold weather gear, it will most definitely be cold' We'll pack your extra clothes for you in the support vans if you end up shedding it!


Family friendly:

If the family would like to come to the conference, there is plenty to do even if you just stay at the hotel. If you head a few minutes away though, the hiking around Goldstream Park and Mount Finlayson is impressive, and there are hiking and trail running routes leaving directly from the hotel. There is a world class spa. The Westin Bear Mountain Resort is located slightly west of downtown Victoria but getting into the city is extremely easy and convenient for the family. Visiting the beautiful campus of the University of Victoria may be interesting to see.


Sept 26th

Arrive, register and relax on the patio of the Resort in a private function designed for you to get to know your cycling partners for the next 4 days!  If you haven't met Marie and Trev, you will have some time to get a feel for the vacation and how it flows.


Sept 27th

Session Theme:  Posture and Core Conditioning for Real.
0800 – 0900 : Stop the 'Text-Neck' and Learn to Stand, Ride, and Run with Less Effort

- what is good posture?
- factors that contribute to the use and abuse of your joints.
- how to move towards better posture function at work, home and sport.

0900 – 0915 : Break
0915 – 1015 : Core Conditioning and Why 6-Pack Abs will Ruin your Back

- muscles that are truly part of your core.
- how to use core training properly.
- no two people need the same program.
- here's how to train smarter and specifically for you.
Sept 28th

Session Theme: Balancing Out the Body (Conditioning that truly supports the sport)
0800 – 0900 : Layering Activities for Exceptional Conditioning
0900 – 0915 : Break
0915 – 1015 : When to 'Go Hard' Without Getting Hurt / Should mid-lifers Jump?

Sept 29th 

Session Theme: The Stretching Controversy
0800 – 0900 : What Happens When you Stretch Old-School / Lengthen to Strengthen
0900 – 0915 : Break
0915 – 1015 : Muscles Stretch Muscles / Why Plyometrics and Ballistic Stretching is Back

 Gates Pass

Schedule of rides and activities:

The riding is targeted at cyclists of ALL ability! The ride distance, speed, and emphasis will be different for each group. In 2016 we had 6 distinct groups each day all doing differing lengths of ride. With all the support and ride guiding, the idea is that YOU ride for as long and as quickly as YOU want to. Don't be intimidated to sign up, we can accommodate any level of cyclist.


The ride routes may change with road and weather conditions but the planned program will look similar to this. Rides will cater to all ability levels. Trev has mentored under Chris Georges, owner and operator of Le Monastere, one of the best in the world for hosting first-class cycling vacations. Support vehicles will constantly ensure you are cycling the exact lengths, times, and terrain you would like. Ride nutrition will be provided for all rides. A variety of electrolyte drink brands will be available for your use (Gu Brew, Powerbar Perform, Gatorade) as well as most products offered by Honey Stinger, including gels, protein bars, and waffles (my favourite).


Sept 26th : The prep.

Trev will help you assemble your packed bike, or fit you to a rented ride. He will also be available to answer any questions as to the days coming up and help you prepare from a nutritional standpoint. The bikes will all be contained in a storage room being rented from the Westin Resort so you don't have to worry about lugging them to and from your room.


Sept 27th :  Millstream Lake Road, Caleb Pike Circuit, and the Center of the Universe: (30km - 85km)

This is the perfect 'starter' ride for your introduction to Victoria riding which is remarkably different to Calgary or your typical European landscape. We can leave right from the Resort which is situated very close to Millstream Lake Road. This fun little ascent gets you away from the city and into a lush rain forest in just a few short kilometers. For the experienced riders, we'll take a detour here to Caleb Pike to enjoy some extra roads and eventually hook up with the cyclists happy with continuing to one of Victoria's cool attractions which is the Telescopes at the Center of the Universe. From there we'll head up the Pennisula and enjoy the riding near the Swartz Bay Ferries before having a coffee in Sydney by the Sea and heading home!


Sept 28th:  Humpback Old Growth, Kangaroo Road, and East Sooke Park (30km - 100km)

With the great positioning of the Bear Mountain Resort, we are able to drop directly into one of Vancouver Island's best old growth parks: Goldstream Provincial Park. This is home to Niagara Falls. No, not THAT Niagara Falls, but this one! From there we'll use an old connector that brings us alongside Victoria's reservoir and delivers us to Metchosin. From there the Island is our oyster!  Some of the cyclists may want to try out long stretches of the Galloping Goose Regional trail today while others go visit Royal Roads University's Hatley Castle.... better known as Professor Xaviar's School for the Gifted!


Sept 29th  Dallas Road, Mount Doug, and the Ocean!: (50km - 100km)

This ride will highlight the fantastic coastal views that has endeared visitors to Victoria for years. The beauty is that we'll enjoy the vistas from bike! We'll follow several roads that are highlighted in the Tour de Victoria Gran Fondo but will enjoy many smaller ones because of our relaxed timeline and tiny groups!


Sept 30th:  The icing on the cake, Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill, and Mill Bay: (30km - 100km)

This epic ride will have us starting on a fun descent before circling a lake made famous by the rowing school. We'll ride out to experience the Kinsol Trestle in all its restored magnificence, before continuing to Cobble Hill and Mill Bay. For the cyclists that want to experience something unique, we'll hop aboard the ferry that delivers us to Brentwood Bay before riding through the rain forests of Millstream Lake road on our way home. 

Additional Notes:

What clothes should I pack for the fun?

- I have created a list of clothing and cycling materials I highly recommend you bring with you. Here is the link to this. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.


Taxi from the Victoria Airport

-Taxi info for commute to airport is very straight forward. The Westin is only 36 kilometers from the airport. The hotel recommends the company Yellow Taxi which are usually sitting at the airport anyway.  Their phone number is 250-381-2222. Please call ahead to make a reservation. PLEASE tell them if you have a bike box. Not all the cars may be able to deal with the bike box. You can request a 'Wheel car taxi' or a 'Handicap taxi' which will be able to accommodate you if you have more than one person in your party. But make sure to call ahead and reserve this service!

- If you are bringing your own bike, allow some time to build it up. Bring a well functioning bike to the conference! Operating brakes, gears, and fairly new tires. I have rented a whole conference room for secure storage of your bikes and a big area you can put them together. When you check in at the hotel, they will direct you to bring your bike to this area.

Want to rent a bike in Victoria?

- Rental bike company info here. Let me know if you are renting from this company and I will pick it up for you on Sept 25th and have it at the hotel. We will fit you on it Sept 26th evening. Make sure to bring your own saddle, cleats, shoes, and helmet!!


Relevant supplemental Bio on Trev Williams, owner and founder of, The Doctrine Training Ltd. 

Trev completed his B.Eng at the University of Victoria in their mandatory coop program. For his last two work terms, he started completing his master's degree at an electromagnetics lab on campus, learning how to effectively research, and build practical computer biomedical models, all while designing a cellphone antenna that deposited less energy into the ear and brain than the current standard. He started attending electrical engineering conferences for his own research and work in 1999 and averaged approximately one major symposium a year until 2009. Throughout the completion of his Master's and PhD degrees he also attended numerous smaller symposiums and has gained experience from the 'conference attendee' side about what works and what doesn't when offering extracurricular events at a function like a symposium. He is excited to be hosting a symposium for the medical profession, and with his PhD in Microwave Breast Cancer Imaging and Modeling, you may find he actually understands some of the medical lingo that will be bantered about throughout the conference!