Instructor:  Tanya Salomon

Tanya teaches:  Tues / Thursday Noon hours in The Revolution Studio   60min Class.







Tanya has been a fixture in the Alberta triathlon scene since the late 1990's.  While her accomplishments include overall wins at races such as Great White North triathlon, Lake Stevens 70.3 and Wasa Lake triathlon, she feels her greatest achievement has been her consistency and longevity in the sport.  Throughout her 16 years in the sport, she has balanced her training, racing, work and family life and maintained her passion for the sport of triathlon.

Tanya's background in nursing combined with her hands on training experience makes her an excellent source of knowledge in body systems with a specific interest in injury prevention, strength training and nutrition.  Tanya is in the process of completing Part A and B of the NCCP ( National Coaching Certification Program) for cycling.

Tanya is passionate about swimming, running and biking and will bring her knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism to her cycling classes. She believes that there is always ‘another gear’ (figuratively and literally!) and that your mind can take you places your body never thought possible!



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