Instructor:  Stephen Kenny

Stephen is our 'GO TO' instructor who teaches for other instructors when they are sick or away.



Last year his class had this Description

Monday and Wednesday at 7:00pm

This is my most popular and historical class; many of the participants have been with me in excess of 6 years! I've had the pleasure to watch many cyclists progress with their skills and enjoyment on the bike year over year. This class follows a progression I have been developing and constantly improving. If you are interested in preparing to become a better cyclist in general (and this doesn't just mean big power), then this class and all those offered below are your ticket. It isn't a free ticket, or an easy ticket, but it is a REAL ticket. Stephen and I will be co-instructing this class. I am looking forward to having Stephen available to my cyclists. He is an amazing cycling resource and a great story teller! 


Stephen Kenny IS Rule #5. While others 'talk it', he is on his bike. Only a month before these classes start, he will be competing in his 7th 1200km Randonneuring Event. Stephen has competed in the famous Paris-Brest-Paris on three occsasions, finishing every time. He is the author of 'The Randonneuring Guide to Keep Rolling Forward and how not to Burn Daylight'. He wasn't Jens Voigt's mentor, but Jens wishes he was.

My cyclists are in for a treat this year. I have asked Stephen to co-instruct my Monday/Wednesday evening class to make his wealth of experience available. I have been extremely lucky to accompany Stephen on many training rides and quite a few 200km, 300km, and 400km Randonneuring events (and one 600km). I believe he will be a valuable resource and an extremely motivational instructor.