2017 Spring Fully Coached Cycling Vacation!

5 nights beside a lake and inside a cycling wonderland. 



May 11th (evening) - 16th (morning)   (Women's only)



(This will be 5 nights so that you have 4 complete days of riding, sleeping, eating, drinking local wine, and relaxing.)

Check in any time after 2pm on May 11th or May 18th. Depart in the morning of May 16th, or May 23rd.

Oliver, BC

To secure your spot a deposit is required. The rate quoted is based on 'double occupancy', however last year, having a room to yourself was not a huge extra cost.

Please email Trev if you are interested. Many of the 'regular' spots have been spoken for, but there is still a good chance you can come. Shoot me an email.

Here is what I am proud to have developed: 

The feel:

The vacation will be filled with sport specific activity, and will be fully supported. Aimed at cyclists who are intent on achieving 4 days on the bike on terrain completely different to Alberta and if desired, learning more about their hobby/sport. This will enable them to train more effectively for their ultimate goal. This vacation will be directed toward cyclists, however, triathletes and duathletes are welcome and can absolutely be accomodated. There will be plenty of time to relax, however, we will be offering a lot of options if you want to take advantage of every second you aren't working in an office! I will be offering the vacation as a hotel inclusive event, with all breakfasts and dinners provided to ensure the group can meet and socialize off the 'playing field'. I will provide a constructive, challenging, and motivating environment that will have you leaving excited and invigorated about your hobby. A tired smile is what I am after!

I spent ten days at a cycling tourist chateau in France during the summer learning another aspect of 'the training vacation'. Having the ability to not only deal with, but capitalize on, the multiple levels of ability and motivation was the specialty of this particular outfit and I learned from the best. Vacationers will be treated with options at the beginning and throughout each day and will be able to go as 'hardcore' or 'vactioncore' as they would like. 

The coaching:

First and foremost it will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in your sport and take a leap forward in your knowledge and experience. It will be fully coached, with group instruction as well as one-on-one coaching. The vacation will be tailored to the individual wants and training needs of the athletes that register. You will be challenged, taught, motivated, guided, and satisfied!

The experience:

You will capitalize on our knowledge of the area and our ability to choose the terrain to suit the specific vacation or training stimulus desired for the particular day. If you are preparing for a Gran Fondo, charity event, or a triathlon, you will have the opportunity to pick apart each section of the ride, experience it, and get valuable direction on how to approach it during the event.

The place:

To keep the vacation costs realistic but still offer the high end amenities, I went with the Lakeside Resort. The location is fantastic and exactly what I envisioned to be optimal for a training camp. The hotel rooms look out on the lake that is only about 50 meters away. The hotel rooms themselves are simple accommodations but are clean, cozy, and a great place to relax. I have secured the large 3 bedroom suite for use during the camp so we have the option of eating in it's large meeting room if the weather isn't cooperating.

The food:

For 2017 we have decided to try a new format for the dinner experience for our guests! From our 6 years of hosting these vacations, we have developed many local relationships and it gave us an idea!  Why not let these local proprietors the chance to offer our guests the best of the Southern Okanagan cuisine. We have coordinated with four local businesses to provide our guests with a unique dining experience. We will be visiting Hester Creek Estate Winery and dine right out with the grapes!, Farmer's Dotter's Organic Bakery and Garlic Farm and enjoy the peaceful Cawston Valley, Liquidity Wines to relax with Trev's favourite view of Vaseux Bird Sanctuary, and Backyard Farm Chef's Table just outside of Osoyoos. Local food will be used throughout depending on availability.

The breakfasts will still be another highlight of the day with fresh fruit salad, homemade (in our kitchen) Granolas, locally produced hard boiled eggs, locally roasted coffee (Backyard Beans), and locally baked bread!

The post-ride charcuterie, beer/cider (The Cannery, Bad Tattoo, Summerland Cider), and wine (Lake Breeze, Noble Ridge, Stag's Hollow, Platinum Bench, Hillside, etc) will remain locally sourced and waiting for you as you unclip post-ride.

The support:

There will be van support for all rides. This comes in handy for clothing / hydration storage so you can climb up mountains light and take advantage of layering up for the well deserved way down!

A family affair:

The support cast includes Bruce and Denny Williams, my parents. I was extremely lucky to have been brought up in a household that emphasized a well balanced lifestyle and solid morals and values. Both my parents walked the talk and are now reaping the rewards in their 70's. Prior to the camp, they will have returned from walking the coast of Morocco for 16days ! Having two high energy 'lifers' help me with the camp is a best case scenario.

Driving one of the vans and occasional ride guide will be Marilyn Taylor, my partner. A professional Pilates Instructor and ex-national team rower, Marilyn knows what it takes to make it to the top (winning the Canadian Single Olympic Trials in 2003) and how to get the body ready for the rigors of training and competition. Having her experience and knowledge of body movement and strengthening of the core complements my coaching and will be accessible throughout your time with us!

The training:

You can expect to be kept busy during the day with lengthy rides between 2 - 5 hours (depending on your goals / desires). These rides will be structured and will have coaching opportunities intermixed with training stimulus if this is your goal. For vacationers, it is simply enough to take advantage of the beautiful terrain and views! For the pure cyclists, opportunities will exist to explore more of the phenomenal terrain while the multisport athletes can take advantage of the lake and running pathways. On request, after dinner there will be opportunities to take advantage of a group session on specific training aspects, recovery strategies, race techniques, bike maintenance, or training and racing nutrition. However, most of the time hanging out with a glass of wine and talking about the awesome day prevails! You can always retreat to the beach to enjoy the sunset and a glass of wine as well!

The balance:

I will balance training and coaching with enjoying your experience, the food, the wine, and the company. If you have a particular vineyard (like Burrowing Owl or Lake Breeze) you would like to visit during your stay, I will be sure to join you!

The ease:

Once you have registered for the camp make your travel arrangements. We will be pleased to pick you up from the Penticton airport any time in the afternoon of Thursday or morning of Friday. Check in time is 2pm Thursday if you are driving, so you could explore a bit of the region at that time as well if you are keen.

The summary:

The price will be inclusive of professional coaching, guiding, structured training sessions, ride and run support, hotels, breakfasts, dinners, wine, transportation to and from Penticton airport, on-the-bike nutrition, and will be based on double occupancy. In addition to a relaxing view of Lake Oliver, most hotel rooms have a kitchenette, a double bed, as well as a pull out double. Lunches at the wineries (two days of the four) will be the responsibility of the vacationer (all on-the-bike nutrition is supplied) as well as any midnight snacks you devour.   

With five to six support staff ensuring your stay is successful I look forward to joining you in Oliver and the surrounding region in May!

The registration:

The price will be $1895 per camper based on double occupancy. Contact me for single occupancy options. A deposit of $500 will be due upon notifying Trev you are 'in', with the total due by the end of April 2017.


A few more details:

Even though we will work with the weather provided, and may shuffle some sessions around, I will list a rough guide to the camp. I would like to get in as many 'cycling monuments' of the Penticton/Osoyoos area as possible while keeping the training stimulus effective if you are there to train as well as vacation.  For the pure experienced cyclist, extended versions of each ride will be available.


NOTE: In 2015 we varied fairly significantly from the daily rides I had initially planned. From my years of experience cycling in the valley, I like to ensure we do rides and activities on appropriate days for the weather. Also, sometimes there are aspects that present themselves to take advantage of. So come expecting the outline to be a very rough guideline.