JCC Revolution Studio Facility Head and Instructor:  Laura Connolly

Laura teaches several classes at the JCC:

6am - 7am Power Breakfast

8:00am - 9:05am Mid-Morning





Laura is one of the original "Spin Mommas" and has been cycling with Trev for 5 years now, gaining valuable knowledge and experience from Trev's handcrafted cycling classes.

Laura had spent a great deal of time on the bike over the years training for and completing several Olympic, Half, and Ironman distance triathlons. As well as a few marathons thrown in there for good measure! By her own admission though, she became a much more efficient and stronger cyclist after training with Trev. Cycling  is now her main focus and she has become quite passionate about it which has culminated in a few cycling vacations and her first Gran Fondo this year.

Other interests include alpine skiing, waterskiing, and wake surfing with her teenage son Logan and her husband Paul. And just to make things interesting, she is currently attending the University of Calgary working on her history degree.