The Generator

Our Run Training Studio

with Sport Conditioning Coach Marie Tessier

and Head Coach Trev Williams


Built on the premise of how our Indoor Cycling classes don't simply 'keep you fit', they teach you how to be a better outdoor cyclist. We are creating this studio to help you become a better runner. We are offering these classes over winter when many runners insist on going outside and risking the elements. Yes, winter outdoor runners stay 'fit', but if running faster or for longer is your goal and doing it with less risk of injury, then come join us!


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Start resilient. Run faster and further more efficiently.  Build up speed and distance intelligently and with less risk of injury. Most importantly, enjoy running! Using Marie's unique experience and training, runners have the opportunity to benefit from movement analysis and progress with all aspects of run programming.


In short, this indoor studio is designed to help you run OUTSIDE.


This one of a kind run studio will provide more than fitness classes or generic programming.  Our coaches, who are trained in gait analysis, bio-mechanics, movement efficiency and the latest information on fascial and soft tissue health, will guide you to new heights in your running.  Exclusively capped to 4 runners per class max, sessions incorporate muscle activation and pre-run core work, and are followed by a treadmill run workout which is tailored to each individual. Rounding the sessions are Pilates based exercises and active stretching.  These classes are technique focused and progressive in nature. No bad weather or icy sidewalks to worry about! No excuses. The best of both worlds; Running with data, and running with coached feedback. 


Three options to choose from;  1 hour sessions, 40min brick sessions*, and a 90min long run session.
*Recommended to be paired with our 1 hour T/Th coached cycling classes, although not required at all.


Consistent with our cycling studio premise of using technology as a tool and not a crutch, your treadmill sessions will first and foremost be designed and led by Coach Marie or Trev. The two have spent years thinking about and developing this idea and are excited to implement it! We will use the same platform as our cycling studio allowing you to seamlessly integrate your runs and have all the data in one place. We'll use the most advanced Garmin Running Dynamics sensors to give you quantitative feedback. This will be visible on the screens in front of you, and will be even more valuable over time as you evolve your running.  We know you could just run, but we wont let you "just run." 



Current as of Sept 6th 2019


 Run with good form, even when exhausted. Escape from Alcatraz, km 8 of the run.