Here are the recorded Grand Prix videos (to date) of the 2011/2012 season!! Enjoy.


PLEASE NOTE: The first video I was experimenting with a new camera and the angle is pointing WAY too far skyward. It was corrected for the subsequent videos.

PLEASE NOTE: I have the HD defaulted as 'OFF', it looks MUCH better turning it 'ON'

Overall results for the entire series found here. 


01 River Park Classic Oct. 1st 2011


02 Confederation Relay Oct. 16th 2011

(We were team '' and got second place overall) This video is of the 3rd leg (Trev's).



03 Edworthy Nov. 5th 2011



04 Okotoks Dec. 3rd 2011

Great race! Frank makes it look so easy ?!?!


05 Silver Springs Dec. 17th 2011



06 Nose Creek Jan. 14th 2012



07 Twelve Mile Coulee Jan. 28th 2012



08 Nose Hill (I Race Direct this one!) Feb. 11th



09 Weaslehead Feb. 25



10 Fish Creek March 10th