I am looking forward to seeing the old gang back again as well as a lot of new faces. I hope I can make the winter indoor training hours as effective as possible for you. I have been having some questions fired my way that I didn't cover on the website.

When to come to class?:
The times posted are for when we hope to be actually in the saddle. So if you can come between 15 - 10min before that to quickly set up and get psyched that would be perfect. If you can't make it until the actually posted time, no problem what-so-ever. We always have a comprehensive lengthy warm-up that you can join in on as soon as you can. The music will be pumping so it is not like you are disturbing the class if you arrive late and set up.

Where to park?:
Last year we didn't have any issues with parking at all. Paid parking in front of the store is between the hours of 7am - 6pm. So all the classes outside this time have free parking except for right at the end of morning class. Park on the north side of the street and it is OK there until 9am. For the midday classes, parking will be paid, but there is always lots of room as the lane in front of the store are OK to park on after 9am.

What trainer should I bring?:
Updated for 2015/2016.  DON'T BRING A TRAINER !!
I want to leave this answer I had for when all my cyclists had to bring their own trainer as you may want to buy a trainer to supplement the classes you are doing at the store. Personally, I believe a mag trainer (as opposed to a fluid or a wind trainer) is the optimal training tool for the cold winter months. During class between sets I will be talking a lot about the differences between the various model types and why it is beneficial to have a mag trainer in your arsenal. I'll be talking about how and when to effectively use a fluid trainer and when it may not be the best tool. I'll be doing this more for education purposes than trying to get you to buy another piece of equipment. If you are new to spinning indoors, or have an old, needing to be replaced, trainer, I can recommend the trainer I have been using for the past 4 years. About 15 of my spinners two years ago and 20 last year got this particular trainer with no complaints as to its quality, reliability, and durability. It is the Tacx Satori. It is convenient for spin classes since it comes with a carry bag that is handy when trying to make one trip from your car to the store. I have asked Darcy at Speed Theory if we can get a discount if I have enough spinners requiring one and he said he would make them available to us for $450. If you are purchasing a new trainer of another brand, I simply recommend to get one of the higher end models as it has proven to cause frustration headaches and lost training time if you get a less expensive model. I recommend steering away from Blackburn trainers, purely from an anecdotal point of view of a spin class instructor. Email me if you are interested in a Satori. If you are purchasing it from another source, go high-end and magnetic (with a remote resistance lever).

As the season progresses, the workouts get increasingly intense (read: sweat inducing). Get in the habit early of packing between 2 - 3 water bottles of (powdered) Gatorade (or similar product), possibly a gel, and a protein source for directly after the workouts. The easiest thing for this would be a chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is a relatively inexpensive and excellent source of carbs and protein for directly after the workout, exactly what your body is craving. Try not to wait until you drive home to start replenishing those burnt calories.

Post-spin core/stretching?:
My returning cyclists have become accustomed to a post-class stretch-out and core session that lasts about 20min. Over the years I have developed my own routines and filmed a few versions for the class to follow directly after the training session. We find the stretching really makes the recovery time seem to decrease and the core is very beneficial once we burst outside in the spring. Both aspects of the routine aim to make you a better athlete in general and not just a faster cyclist. The general routine we follow after the session has completed is to pack up your bike and throw them in your car. Some people quickly change into dry comfy pants (some people don't), we congregate on our mats more or less where you did your session, and I press 'play' for the routine. I am very proud of the new iteration I have filmed and am currently editing. I hope you will enjoy it too! If you are time crunched and can not participate in the routine, that is absolutely no problem. It is purely up to you whether you choose to participate in this extra portion. (Stretching/Core will only be available to cyclists registered in classes when the store is closed!)

I am looking forward to getting into the groove of regular classes, reconnecting with my veteran cyclists/friends and meeting all the newcomers,

see you the first week of October,