About: Trev Williams

Trev has an extensive history in amateur sport. Growing up with an active family that based its vacations around running races and hiking, the importance of a healthy lifestyle was always impressed upon him. During high school and throughout Trev's first degree (B.Eng), running and bodybuilding were the activities that most consumed the time between studying, eating, and sleeping. After graduating with an Engineering degree and sick of the 'student lifestyle' of relentless studying, Trev joined a Triathlon Club based out of the University of Victoria and has not looked back since. Through the 10 years since, Trev has gravitated toward race cycling primarily, but has continued to compete in running and triathlon events to spice up the season.

Trev specializes in helping highly motivated working athletes achieve their race goals. This is accomplished by integrating the ramp toward increasingly competitive ability and technique into a healthy sustainable lifestyle. A focus on quality, adaptable planned workouts lets the employed (possibility with family) athlete achieve athletic heights and race success not previously thought possible. This is attainable with trained motivation and learned focus and highlights consistency.

A Masters and Ph.D. degree have proved he is a true student and can absorb a lot of information. The fact they are in applied science and applied medical imaging shows he can employ that information in a practical setting. Trev's true passion, as attested by anyone he has spoken with for more than 2 minutes, lies in athletics and human performance. He brings knowledge, excitement, experience, innovation, and dedication to the table when instructing a cycling or running class or providing coaching services.

In Aug of 2010, after encouragement to follow his 'true' direction by friends, teammates, and athletes, Trev has decided to pursue group athletic instruction and personal coaching as a career. He is excited to offer his services and looks forward to continuing to provide the quality his athletes have come to expect and rely on. 

Trev continues to operate the Speed Theory Cycling team and is immensely proud of the cycling and bike-racing advocacy group that has grown around its core enthusiastic members. Having a finger on the pulse of the racing community and providing nutrients to ensure its long term health and growth has and will continue to be important to Trev as he is endlessly involved in initiatives to better race-cycling awareness and encourage juniors and women into the sport. An active race director, racer, and volunteer, Trev knows what it takes to train hard, compete and give back to the sport. He has spent many years volunteering countless hours to bettering people's lives through promoting an active lifestyle. 


Official Recent Training:

Standard First Aid (Red Cross)

CPR Level C

Road Commissaire Creditation

NCCP Cycling Training (equivalent to Level 1 and 2 in old system):

Ready to Race Intro to Competition:

Training Basics

Training To Race 

Basic Cycling Skills

Road Bike Skills and Tactics

Mountain Bike Skills and Tactics

Making Ethical Decisions


My UCI license states I am a Cat 2 Road Racer, Commissaire, Race Organizer, and  'Introductory Coach Trained' as I still require to be signed off by a Provincial Level NCCP Level 4 coach. I will then start certification for Level 3.

About: The Doctrine Training

A training method that works as part of your real life (not just for racing but definitely goal oriented). Essentially an approach to training and racing that is sustainable, enjoyable, challenging, and exciting without taking away from the other important and exciting aspects of your life.


The Doctrine Articles

Here is a group of articles I wrote for the Calgary 70.3 E-Zine. I will try to add to this group consistently.

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